What Happens In A Design Consultation?

Essex Design LLC

You Get Clarity and Vision

Is your space, right now, how you want or dreamed it to be? To be honest, many are confused about refining their space. They watch HGTV for ideas and realize it’s not all that easy and simple. You need time, and someone with design skills, to put together a cohesive look to meet your needs and lifestyle.

A Design Consultation will get you the clarity and vision for a functional and beautiful space. But what really, really happens in a consultation? Let me explain what I do, and how we will begin your project.

First, we start all projects with an on-site survey  to understand the architectural features of your space, style, needs, habits and even hobbies. Getting to know you and your space will help us create a look that is uniquely to yours.

Second, a mood board, in digital format, will be sent to give an overall appearance of the new space. This useful tool includes images of color scheme and overall style to help us visualize our ideas. It puts all creative ideas to paper for discussion and collaboration. It's how a well designed project starts. If needed, a rough draft of an improved furniture space plan may be included. This can take 5 to 7 days to be completed.

Lastly, an interior design service proposal will be created for your approval.

A design consultation helps us communicate our ideas and make sure we are on the same page with your project. We'll also avoid following trends that do not match your style or meet your needs.