Do This If You Plan On Selling Your Home

If you plan to sell your home, remember to make home improvements that help with the resale value. Some homeowners will even remodel before they move in. This is great if you have the funds to do the work right away. It wasn’t in our budget when we bought ours, but we take the time to make simple upgrades.

One of my favorite recommendations for staging is updating light fixture. Not only do they brighten, they also make a significant improvement in the way a room feels.

Here are some of what I’ve done in my own home:

Yucky boob light

We have many of these “boob” lights all over the house. They're in our hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms! I've seen them in many of the properties I've worked on because they’re so inexpensive. Unfortunately, it does not add any charm or character to a room.

Updated hall lights

We replaced them with simple modern flushed light fixtures. And voila, our foyer and hallway are now modern and fresh!

Old living room

Our long living room was dim and sometimes dreary, even during the day. This is an old image, while it was still in the market, and before we moved in. Looks like it was taken around noon, yet it's still dim and cavernous. In the evening, two floor lamps and two scones on the left (not shown) were not enough to light up the place. I had to lean towards the lamps to read to my kids.

Living room recessed lights

However, our living room went from cavernous to airy and bright when we installed these recessed lights. We happily rid ourselves of the sconces and a floor lamp, all of which my kids used to bump into all the time. We gained a little extra space for two energetic kids who love to jump on the sofas and chairs. Honestly, when you have happier kids, you also have happier parents.

My super handy and resourceful husband did all the wiring for the recessed lights. But I still recommend electrical work to be done by a licensed professional.


Old dining room light

Chandeliers can add a lot of charm and wealth in a room, but not this old one in our dining room.


New dining light fixture

We replaced it with one that is a more transitional style that suits the colors in the room. I could have chosen one that is more formal or glammy, but this is modern and casual, which is more our style. It's always a welcoming sight as it is one of the first things you see from the entrance. 

None of new light fixtures we used here are super glammy, but I love them and they almost make me forget about all the other work the house needs.

As you can see, light fixtures not only bring light, it's one of the easiest and fastest ways to update any room. It will make such a difference in your lifestyle and when you put your home in the market. Buyers will see updated fixtures and see it as one less thing to worry about when they move in. They might even fall in love with it.


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