The Louis Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck: A Modern Classic

Do you love modern design? Are you always on the lookout for new and innovative pieces to add to your collection? If so, then you need to check out the Louis Ghost Chair. This iconic chair was designed by Philippe Starck and it's been a classic since it was first released in 2002.

Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck is a French designer known for his unique and innovative designs. He has designed numerous items, including architecture and interior design, as well as household products, boats, watches, and hotels. Some of his current work includes designing for NASA and the Olympics in Paris in 2024.

He has received several accolades for his prolific work, many of which are on display in many modern art museums. The Louis Ghost chair is one of my personal favorites.

Louis Ghost Chair

The Louis Ghost chair was released in 2002 and is manufactured by Kartel. It can be found in five-star hotels, luxury homes, and modern art museums.

The appeal of the Louis Ghost chair lies in the intriguing combination of history and innovation.

It is a modern update to an old classic, the three-hundred-year-old Louis XVI chair; keeping its traditional form, but updated with industrial plastic material. Unlike the former design, it can be stacked and can be easily cleaned.




What makes the Louis Ghost chair unique?

The chair is made of polycarbonate plastic that has been injected into a single mold shape, making it virtually unbreakable. It is weather-resistant but at $515 apiece (at the time of writing), I do not see myself putting it outside.

Apart from being a collectible piece and the indestructible quality, the Louis Ghost chair is intriguing and fun to have in any setting! I have seen these chairs used in hotels, restaurants and dining rooms both modern and traditional spaces.

Its translucent quality means it won’t take up too much visual space. And you can see and appreciate the chair from any angle.

By the way, the Louis Ghost chair is also comfortable, thanks to its curved design. It comes in other colors and its simple aesthetic means that it will never go out of style.


It’s an eco-friendly design

If you're looking for a chair that is both stylish and eco-friendly, the Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Starck is a great option. This iconic design is made of recyclable plastic, so you can feel good about your purchase. Because when you purchase a product that is made of eco-friendly materials, you are supporting sustainable practices.

It's also important to choose pieces that are made of high-quality materials and designed to last. The Louis Ghost chair is one of those pieces. It's made of durable plastic that can withstand everyday use.

When it comes to iconic pieces of furniture, the Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Starck is certainly up there. This modern classic has been gracing homes and offices for over two decades, and shows no signs of slowing down.


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