How To Find The Wallpaper For Your Next Home Decorating Project

Have home improvement and decorating plans? Perhaps, this year, you can finally invite people over. I honestly dread inviting people over when I think about the old carpet in the children's room, the mess in the kitchen and our dated bathroom that needs a makeover!

Yes, home shame is real. Many of us are self conscious about how our home looks. Sometimes we even avoid having family and friends over to save ourselves the anxiety.


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The month of January, when this blog was written, is not only the beginning of a new year, it’s a beginning of a new decade! So it feels like such a good time to forge ahead with these nagging home improvement plans. 

Let's start with those large dull walls that need some life.

One of my favorite ways to transform a room is through wallpaper. It has unseen benefits of added durability to walls, especially the vinyl types which are easier to clean than paint. However, wallpaper is most effective in bringing texture, pattern and personal style to a space.

There are endless choices in wallpaper. So the best way to start is to ask, “What is the function of the room?”, and, “What kind of mood or statement do I want to create?” Answer these two questions to create a vision to guide you. It will narrow down your choices to avoid getting overwhelmed. Skipping this step, will be like going to the grocery hungry where you end up with all sorts of junk food. You can easily fall in love with a pattern that doesn’t match your vision.

To save you some time, I'm sharing my favorite wallpaper ideas that add personality to plain walls. As added inspiration, I’ve added projects from designers to showcase their remarkable use of this material.

Do you want simple elegance?

I find that grasscloth papers, made of woven natural fibers (abaca, sisal, jute or silk), are perfect for adding simple elegance to a room. 

It comes in many natural and vibrant shades, so don’t think you’re limited to rustic tones. The natural tones give a soothing and relaxed look, while darker shades of blues, browns and metallic sheen add luxury to any modern or traditional styled room. Hang one in dining rooms and you will be a proud host on holidays and special events.

  Grasscloth solid



Interior s By Kelli

Interiors By Kelli 

Grasscloth pattern


Grasscloth is so versatile. It can be subtle and relaxed, or it can be a bold statement of luxury especially the patterned variety. These striped and botanical patterns show stoppers for a coastal themed room. 

Want to make your room fun and lively?

Wallpaper add depth and interest to an otherwise solid empty wall. Like framed pieces of art, these patterns also add style and something to look at when there is none.


Bountiful - York


This Candice Olson wallpaper adds a glamour, chic and sophisticated style to this space. 


Meredith Marlow Interiors

Meredith Marlow Interiors

Guest bathrooms are so much more fun with wallpaper. Besides soap, toilet paper and fresh towels, your guests will also admire your design choice. 


Do you want to showcase your style? 

If you love high fashion and not shy about it, bold and fearless prints will appeal to you. An accent wallpaper can be an extension of your style. Coordinate with colors in the space just as you would with accessories to your outfits. They look great in guest rooms, bathrooms and add intimacy in large open spaces.




 Damasks are both formal and masculine in style and do well in a formal dining room.




This stair way is so dramatic and grand because of this wallpaper. You just can't do this with plain paint.


Sanderson Wallpaper


 This trellis pattern brings together a coastal glam style in this living room.


Thurman Design Studio

Thurman Design Studio

This botanical wallpaper with a dark background, pairs well with the brass contemporary bathroom. 


Want to create a retreat from the daily- grind?

After a hard day at work, you need to recharge. Natural tones and monochromatic color schemes are visually calming. You can’t go wrong with simple patterns in white, cream, grey and beige. Use them anywhere in the house where you need something prettier than plain white paint. 


Thibaut Wallpaper





These patterns are stunning but the neutral colors function as a backdrop for furniture, art and accessories.


Want to bring the outdoors in? 

If you live in the northeast (USA), you know that winters can get icy cold. It was 18F one January day I wrote this! I needed to wear my thickest coat and socks in my home office, an extension in the house where the previous owner did not use enough insulation. 

The freezing temperature starts as early as October, and by February, it's a hard wait for spring. Many of us dream of taking a trip anywhere south. Or in my case, I ask myself, “Why did I move out of California?” 

Tropical and coastal patterns are designers’ remedy to put you back in a sunny mood all year long. Trellis and botanical patterns, rich in green hues, are also refreshing and calming as they remind us of nature. 





Carrie Keith


This deep green botanical wallpaper brings an off beat opulence to this modern sink.


Creative Use Of Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be used in other places besides your walls. It can be applied on the ceiling, behind open shelves, headboards or framed as art. Here are some designers who have done this.


Sarah Johnson Interiors

Sarah Johnson Interiors



Etch & Ivy Design

Etch & Ivy Design



In Detail Interiors

In Detail Interiors


Though we are only scratching the surface on wallpaper, and no pun intended, you can see how wallpaper can bring style and life to drab walls.  Always consider the function of the space with the mood you want to create as your guide. It is one of the easiest way to bring your personal style to your home.


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